Parramatta City Council

Bountiful Early Learning Centre (BELC) is an approved Child Care Centre in Old Toongabbie, being in the Parramatta City Council's jurisdiction.

BELC has been approved by the Department of Community Services (DoCS) for thirty Child Spaces and has been purposly built for such.

Parramata City Council has approved the centre for only Twenty-seven places.
BELC has lodged an application to Parramatta City Council requesting for their three extra Child Spaces as approved by DoCS

We, the undesigned, call on Parramatta City Council to allow Bountiful Early Learning Centre (BELC) their three extra child places as they are approved by the Department of Community Services (DoCS) for such.

BELC is providing a service to the local community of Old Toongabbie, NSW and the local parents of the area support their application to increase from the current twenty-seven child places to to thirty children that they are approved for by DoCS.

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