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The Law Commission is encouraging the NZ government to consider raising taxes for all beer brewers to offset the social costs of irresponsible drinking. The Free House argues that this could put some small craft breweries out of business. This petition argues that a 'one size fits all' increase in taxation will have a disastrous effect on New Zealand's boutique breweries - and that these brewers are the ones we should be rewarding not penalising.

Why? Because small boutique and craft breweries emphasise taste, flavour and create environments that encourage sensible and responsible drinking. Craft beer is marketed on quality not price but it's a thin line between a 'premium' price and an 'unaffordable' price.

The big brewers can absorb increases in excise duty and afford massive advertising campaigns but the small brewers can barely afford to print a few posters and give out a few flyers. Craft brewers are occupying less than 3% of the total beer market - so tax breaks for them is not going to leave a big hole in government finances.

For the reasons above, The Free House will lobby MPs and other supporters of great New Zealand craft beers to give tax breaks to small Kiwi-owned brewers. Sign our petition if you want New Zealand's craft brewers to survive!

We, the undersigned, call on the New Zealand government not to endanger the survival of the country's fledgling craft beer industry with a 'one size fits all' tax hike.

On the contrary, we urge the government to follow the UK, the US and Australia in considering tax breaks for small, independent craft breweries.

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