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1. More Maps for COD: WW2

Call of Duty WW2 was only released with 12 multiplayer maps. The catch is, 3 of these can only be used in the war gamemode. That leaves us with 9 maps for normal gamemodes for multiplayer. While 9 GOOD maps would be somewhat understandable, there are about 4 decent maps that most people do not absolutely hate. I think the game is becoming something great, but this isn't going to truly happen till we can play this game on more maps. The maps are part of what makes the gaming experience unenjoyable. This is my attempt at making WW2 a better game. If you'd like to see more GOOD maps on WW2, that you don't have to pay for, stand with me. MAKE COD GREAT AGAIN with EXODIOUS!

2. Treason: Charge Barrack Obama

We the people have concluded that Mr. Barrack Obama has repeatedly violated the people's trust in his ability to govern the House of the United States and has failed to carry out his oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

1. He has put the people in danger by lessening sanctions against Iran, which actively builds Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles which reasonably may be used against our allies and easily reach our nation's cities - without seeking Congressional wisdom - Article 9 - preserve.

2. The healthcare roll-out has hurt millions of Americans directly as well as other economic industries - again without seeking industry advice and has further failed to protect the privacy of these individuals and industries - Article 3 - protect.

3. Mr. Obama's autocratic form of government is elitist and goes against the basic principles of our government in simple terms: the Constitution, not an individual is the supreme law of the land - Article 6 - Mr. Obama refuses to defend.

3. Follow the contract as it is written

"Reserve flight attendants will be given assignments after consideration of all of the following(listed in order of importance):
a. prevent flying into a scheduled day off
b. need for a language specialist qualification
c. maximize utilization of available duty periods
d. the more limited availability of call out reserves
e. assignment of a first in first out(FIFO) basis
f. equalization of duty periods assigned

5. When applying the above listed criteria flight attendants' expressed preferences through the reserve request screen will also be considered. Reserve flight attendants will be provided an opportunity to express their preference for Airport alert assignments and for minimum flying or maximum flying.

This has not been followed. Days off are being moved, FIFO has not been followed AND there has been not equalization of duty periods.

4. Cut Duty in Pubs

Supermarkets sell cheap alcohol, sometimes at a loss, and less people are going to drink and socialise in Pubs. The high Duty on alcohol is causing many pubs to close at an alarming rate, every week. A Pub is a place in our community where you can socialise with friends, catch up on events, and meet new people.

Under age drinkers are not served alcohol in Pubs, which is a benefit to our community.

5. Treyarch STOP screwing up Call of Duty

Today i was browsing the web when i found a website with the new Black Ops 2, and what they are trying to do is going to screw up the call of duty games AGAIN!

Like the removed parts:

No MOAB or Nuke <------- *
No last stand
No death streaks <------- **
No flame thrower attachment

* We all love the moab and the nuke wtf are you thinking treyarch.

** And we all know that death streaks, even if a bit annoying, they help! not every one has a aim bot like aim!


6. Cut the Fuel Duty

The Government makes billions of pounds from oil companies in tax on both the oil they extract and their profits. The Government also makes billions from motorists through car tax and VAT.

The government should reduce fuel duty as the price of oil rises which will maintain their revenues but also to help hard pressed motorists. If they fail to do so they are just being greedy.

It is interesting that no George Osborne has not expalined in detail why the Government cannot reduce fuel duty, there is merely a vague statment that it wouldbe difficult to implement.

Sign up to this and other petitions about the price of fuel to get MPs and ministers to take notice of how this is harming individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

7. Petition for free Map Packs on Call of Duty 2 and 3

The time has come for the map packs of Call of Duty 2 and 3 to be made free to the public. Several years have past since the popularity of these games was at it's peak. I feel it is time that they be made free to those who still play them.

It would be a very generous act of the publisher/developers for the players who continue to play the games. It may even rekindle the interest of other players who have left the game.

8. Support New Zealand's craft beer brewers

The Law Commission is encouraging the NZ government to consider raising taxes for all beer brewers to offset the social costs of irresponsible drinking. The Free House argues that this could put some small craft breweries out of business. This petition argues that a 'one size fits all' increase in taxation will have a disastrous effect on New Zealand's boutique breweries - and that these brewers are the ones we should be rewarding not penalising.

Why? Because small boutique and craft breweries emphasise taste, flavour and create environments that encourage sensible and responsible drinking. Craft beer is marketed on quality not price but it's a thin line between a 'premium' price and an 'unaffordable' price.

The big brewers can absorb increases in excise duty and afford massive advertising campaigns but the small brewers can barely afford to print a few posters and give out a few flyers. Craft brewers are occupying less than 3% of the total beer market - so tax breaks for them is not going to leave a big hole in government finances.

For the reasons above, The Free House will lobby MPs and other supporters of great New Zealand craft beers to give tax breaks to small Kiwi-owned brewers. Sign our petition if you want New Zealand's craft brewers to survive!

9. North West & Wales Fuel Protest 2008

Due to ever increasing price of fuel to the UK consumer and after the latest protest in London by Haulage companies for rebate on Fuel duty, we feel it is time for the General Public to make open their views to this Elected Government that they must reduce Fuel Duty before prices spiral out of control.

10. Make COD5 a sequal to COD4

According to SarcasticGamer, We may go to 1940's in the pacific. I think, since it is very unclear if Cpt. Price dies or not. I say, we get closure, and more time focused on the current war.

11. Workplace rights for Australian workers

It has been my experience that some employers in the disability sector can and do treat their staff any way they like, without having to answer to anyone or any supposed laws.

These employers need to be named and exposed.

12. Abolish all taxes, duties & fees except the GST

The Government promised to remove all other taxes, duties and fees once the Goods and Services Tax system can support itself.

We can see that they are posting Surpluses in the Budget over a number of years but so far have done nothing to abolish all the taxes, duties and fees - only marginal reductions.

Don't you think it is time that they are abolished now?