J.R. Bradley President of Abeyance Home Owners Association
United States of America

I'm am tired of my neighbors telling Me and my other neighbors we cannot ride on our road back in the woods! The only thing I have every wanted to do in life is ride my dirt bike. Ever sense I was little all I was ever able to do was ride my dirt bike and since we lived in a neighborhood we moved out to the woods where we were allowed to ride our dirt bikes and be as loud as we want to.

What many people don't understand is that motocross is really expensive and it is not easy for my family to pay for food and every day finances like normal families have to. When you add on all the gas money for the truck and two bikes its a lot of money but when you add on all the money to pay for a race bike, maintenance, gear, oil, parts, and many other things to keep a rider safe while they ride its a whole lot of money! When you add on the going to a track to ride during the week when it is $20-35 per rider! It's a lot and not many people have that kind of money.

Motocross is a ride at your own risk sport. My little sister and I understand the dangers of motocross because we have been riding incee we where very little. We have had friends break bones, get knocked out, get a concussion, and even death has found a few of them unfortunately.

We have been told we cannot ride because we are in danger of hurting someone else or our selves while riding out in the woods on a gravel road where there is a speed limit. I am a licensed driver and I ride a dirt bike with my neighbors who stay close behind in case of a car.

Please just sign the petition as it means a lot to many teenage kids who only have riding to keep them away from the bad things in life such as drugs.

Support motocross riding.

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