New Castle County
United States of America

Mansion House Paintball field is owned by a local farmer whose farm has been in operation since 1939. This farmer has opened a portion of his property to paintball after seeing that there had been a vast amount of "painting" by the local teens. Teens were shooting at peoples homes and other property.

Mansion House Paintball is a small Paintball field located in Delaware. This field is currently under going up dating in order to make it more appealing to players around the United States.

Recently, someone has submitted a complaint that this field should be closed because paintball is a dangerous sport.

As many Delawareans know there is very little for our children/teens to do in the form of recreation. Mansion House Paintball helps keep children out of trouble and gives them something to do.

Since opening the field the vandalism by paint has dropped drastically and is almost non-existent.

We, the undersigned, ask the members of the County, to allow Mansion House Paintball field to remain open and to assist the owner.

We, the undersigned, fully support the operation of Mansion House Paintball field.

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