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Beaconsfield Admistration

Issues of fairness with respect to this business & the city need to be reviewed.

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Homestyle Bakery & now the Black Lion Pub have been a positive part of the local communities since 1994. We have been everything from your place to meet for a coffee to a business that supports numerous groups associations, fund raisers and charities. Formerly, we were on great terms with the City of Beaconsfield. We were always encouraged as the business grew and were further encouraged by the city when it came time to replace our failing old home to build the new home we have today.

Times have changed. The City (Administration) now makes decisions and applies bylaws in an unfair and discriminatory manner. They have done everything from attempt to get us to pay tens of thousands of dollars to remove their sewer pipes illegally on our property to there more recent, aggressive and discriminatory application of sign and parking bylaws. They are not consistent in their practices and procedures nor the explanation there of. This applies not only to this business but other businesses, citizens and positive influences in this city.

Please show us your support to encourage the city to investigate these matters
by signing this document and try to attend the next council meeting on our behalf:
Monday May 26, 2008 at 8:00 pm at City Hall

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