A London University creating wonderful future midwives
United Kingdom

We are future midwives. So needed. So close to qualifying. We need your help.

The UK is dangerously short of midwives. The midwives surviving the profession are dedicated and hard-working. The women giving birth to their babies need competent healthy and loving midwives alongside them at this precious and potentially dangerous and awesome event in their lives.

The tax-payer is spending many thousands of pounds preparing future midwives.

One of these future midwives is 4 months away from the completion of a 3 year course demanding 150 hours a month of placement and lectures plus many additional hours of personal study.

She is a mother of 2 very young children. She is a partner, daughter, sister and friend. She has been wonderfully mentored and trained by dedicated, overworked midwives. She has lived near the poverty line, suffered ill health and lost many nights sleep to fulfill her dream of becoming a midwife.

She has personally and safely ushered women and infants into motherhood. A privilege that she has dedicated her all to train for and a role that she has been assessed on and performs more than competently.

She narrowly failed an essay on the public health role of the midwife 3 times.

4 months before realisation of her dream she has been kicked off the course.

Please could you 'like' this page and sign our petition in support of her appeal for a chance to complete the course so that many more women to come can have the benefit of this loving dedicated future midwife alongside them. The UK so desperately needs dedicated midwives. So much has been given by the tax-payer, mentors, lecturers and students already. Kicking her off the course at this stage would be a tragic, heartless, short-sighted and wasteful act.

We, the undersigned, would ask that 3rd year student midwives who have proved competent in all midwifery practice assessments and are a few months from qualifying be given extra support if they are struggling with academic assessments particularly if they have mitigating circumstances.

We appreciate the importance of the academic attainment required to qualify but would ask that the students practical abilities and advocacy for women in their care be taken into consideration and that every possible avenue be explored before ejecting them from the course.

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