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In July of 2012, Black Market Moto Saloon applied for a Special Use Permit with the City of Charlottesville, VA to change their business zoning from Mixed Use Industrial to a Music Hall. This would allow the business to offer live, amplified music.

Charlottesville Planning Commission voted to approve this Special Use Permit with a list of restrictions to protect the neighboring residential area. On October 2nd, 2012, City Council denied the Special Use Permit, effectively ignoring the Planning Commission recommendation and the written wishes of over five hundred residents interested in the continued cultural development of Charlottesville.

The criteria given for the rejection was presented by Councilor Kathy Galvin and consisted of a very subjective interpretation of City Code and cited "non-harmonious use" and incompatibility with Charlottesville's still undeveloped Comprehensive Plan. Kathy Galvin, Dede Smith and Kristin Szakos were influenced by a small but politically outspoken group of individuals in the Woolen Mills area who consider the family friendly restaurant "adverse branding" to their neighborhood.

The standard options for recourse on this decision would be for the Moto Saloon to re-apply a year from now with another $1500 application fee. Another means would be an appeal of the decision in the Circuit Court of Charlottesville. Either way, the Moto Saloon would like your voice of support to be heard in this petition.

We, the undersigned, support live music at the Black Market Moto Saloon.

We would like the City Council to support the Planning Commission recommendation and honor the wishes of its residents by reconsidering their vote on this matter.

We would like the City Council to find a solution via granting a Special Use Permit or otherwise, that permits legal live, amplified music at the Black Market Moto Saloon.

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