#Human Rights
Jim Hillyer, MP

I recently received a letter in the mail detailing that our MP Jim Hillyer intends to vote against legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide. Being informed on this issue is of utmost importance as it will affect all, or at least most, Canadians at some point in our lives.

In the document mailed out Mr. Hillyer improperly defines euthanasia by claiming it is: “when someone other than the person to die makes the decision”. The person dying would often be a part of the decision-making process. Euthanasia should be defined as: a deliberate act undertaken by one person to relieve that person’s suffering where the act is the cause of death.

In Canada’s current system to allow a person to die we withhold treatment, meaning we take out the feeding tubes and hold the intravenous fluids until the infant or adult starves to death. This process can take days and the suffering endured is not to be taken lightly. There must be a more humane way to end a life; euthanasia must be made legal to assist with this process.

The emotional burden on the health care workers to witness a death like this, the economic burden on the health care system, as well as the suffering imposed upon those waiting for death to come are all immeasurable.

I ask that when Mr. Hillyer take a stance on the issue of euthanasia he rigorously ask members of his constituency what they believe and how they want to be represented, using correct definitions of euthanasia and a letter that isn’t filled with rhetoric aimed at a specific outcome.

I guarantee that if he sought the advice of persons directly involved in health care and of persons caring for suffering, dying, and diseased family members if they would like the option of euthanasia, he would find a resounding “YES! Who’s life is it anyway?!” We are the people Mr. Hillyer is supposed to be representing, and we deserve to be well informed, and not biased by his misleading and moral qualms. Choose choice and mercy for your fellow mankind.

Please represent us and sign this petition to assist in legalizing euthanasia.

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