#Childcare in Liberty Village

Liberty Village is a rapidly growing community that is in immediate need of more quality, licensed childcare.

One of the major obstacles in addressing this need is outdoor space, which is required by the Ministry of Education for such licenses to be issued. One of the main reasons for the shortage of outdoor space in Liberty Village is the need for revisions to urban planning. Unfortunately in Toronto’s exploding condo market and with the current baby boom, city planners, developers, and politicians have yet to address the immediate needs of parents and children.

Based on the City of Toronto’s 2018 Downtown Plan Official Amendment report, “The lack of physical space, limited capital resources and the high cost of land limit Toronto Children's Services' ability to increase capacity of licensed child care spaces in Downtown.”

Although there are plans for a city-owned daycare to be built in the years ahead in Liberty Village, it will only accommodate for 50 children, which is not an immediate and comprehensive solution.

According to Alex Ballingall of the Toronto Star (February 8th 2017) "Liberty Village has also seen large growth, with a population increase of 174.9 per cent over the five-year census measurement period”. As more couples move into Liberty Village, more young children are expected in the next decade, which will impact the community in a very significant way.

We, the undersigned, acknowledge that Liberty Village is in critical need of immediate childcare centre solutions. We respectfully call upon CanAlfa to fulfill their commitment to the Liberty Village community by allowing for four of their parking spaces at the rear entrance of 125 Western Battery Road to be converted into outdoor space so that additional quality, licensed early learning childcare spaces can be obtained at Liberty Kids.

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