#Children's Rights
UNITED NATIONS - Government of Canada

I AM A SURVIVOR of Child abuse and a participant in the Child abuse monument project. I recently received an email which depicted a young boy nude with only a few feminine napkins covering his body and private area. I went to police and was told the picture was not illegal since it did not show a child engaged in a sexual act.

I am angry that the law allows this type of pictures to circulate and be posted on the internet I want to have laws protect a child and make it illegal to possess distribute copy, promote or post to the internet photos of any child under the age of 18 nude or semi nude or in a degrading,humiliating or suggestive manner.

We the undersigned call on the United Nations to encourage and implement laws to protect children and to pass laws to stop the circulation of child pornography, indecent, suggestive humiliating degrading photos of children nude and semi nude.

We need to protect the children when children cant protect themselves therefore we need to amend child protection laws to include pictures of children that are depicted in a degrading, suggestive humiliating nude or semi nude photos, pictures.

I Linda Beaudoin bring forward this petition with the undersigned supporters.

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