#Animal Welfare
pet lovers
United Kingdom

This is not animal welfare bases this is a witch hunt, we are in a predominantly white industry and are being vilified for having brown skin. People are judging us who have never been to our store, or have had any interactions with us. This can be seen in google reviews underneath the location of the reviewers they are not local. The actual Facebook hate group was started up by local groomers and breeders. We have had threats of violence, attacks on my children levered against us. We are being accused of animal mistreatment which is total fabricated and unsubstantiated. According to my haters all animals that leave our care are either sick or dying. WHERE. IS. THE. EVIDENCE.

Support your local pet store against malicious lies, scare mongering and slander. We are currently running a pet store that has been around for 70 years. A group of local breeders, groomers and activists have been attacking our business for several years now. We have asked them to provide evidence to prove their allegations and no one has been able to do so. They have started their own petition in an attempt to close us down its time to fight back!

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