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AB 1060 will ensure that alcohol purchases are made on face-to-face transactions with a cashier

Assemblymember Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate) is the author of AB 1060, which will insure proper identification is always verified with a face-to-face transaction when alcohol is purchased.

It is the stores responsibility to ensure that those purchasing alcohol are both of legal age and not intoxicated while attempting to purchase alcohol.

There is too much risk with self-checkout machines and studies show that twenty-five percent of all grocery store purchases are now made through self-checkout machines. While these self-checkout kiosks become more widely used, we need to make sure that alcohol sales are face to face transactions.

Although grocery clerks are supposed to check identification for anyone who appears under the age of 30, 32% of study participants aged 30 or under were not asked to show identification.

In almost 20% of instances, participants were able to override the self-checkout machine or purchase alcohol without an employee’s assistance. In addition, in 60% of visits, participants saw only one employee working at the self-checkout area.

We need to protect our families by not allowing stores to defer their responsibilities to a machine.

We, the undersigned, support California Assembly bill AB 1060 that would close a loophole and prevent minors and intoxicated persons from purchasing alcohol at stores that use self-service checkout system.

Self-service checkouts create opportunities for underage drinkers or intoxicated persons to make unlawful alcohol purchases. Underage drinking remains a major problem in California and we need to prevent these sorts of alcohol purchases by requiring a live cashier present to check and verify the age of the purchaser.

We respectfully request that the California State Senate Governmental Organization Committee support this legislation and move it to the floor for a full vote.

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