#Human Rights
Parliament of Canada / Pro-Choice Action Network

A petition came up recently that was made to oppose The "Unborn Victims of Crime Act". If the bill dose not pass, unborn children will have no protection from acts of hate and violence. Some of them may even die before given the chance to experience life. Some take life for granted. Just think. Imagine all the fun things you have done, all the good times you had. Now imagine if they never had happened.

Just because some people commit violence against a baby who can't defend itself, it doesn't get to live like we all have. It wants to live, but it will never be able to hike, play sports, or have friends. All because their mother committed violence. If the bill passes, everyone will get the gift of life. Only sick, sick people would take the right to life away, and these sick people are known as the "Pro-Choice" movement. They think because of greed and laziness, the gift of life should be able to be taken away, just like that. They want to STOP the protection of babes; they want to steel the gift of life.

We must let life be for all to enjoy. We MUST get the bill passed.

In signing this petition, you think Bill C-484 (Unborn Victims of Crime Act) should be passed by Parliament of Canada, and should not be stopped by the Pro-Choice movement.

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