#Neighborhood Living
Beaches Water Cooperative & Long Beach Civic Assoc.
United States of America

After speaking with someone who lives on the "flats," or Long Beach (south beach), it was brought to my attention that there used to be a park for our neighborhood's children. In 1972, Hurricaine Agnes demolished the play area, and it was never rebuilt. The original park was very close to the beach, and if we can rebuild it, it is suggested that it be located across the street from the shore.

The place that seems most suitable for a play place is between the water company's pumphouse and the basketball hoop. We also project that a sign be placed that reads, "Play at Your Own Risk" to rule out any liability for the owner(s) of the land.

We, the undersigned, petition Beaches Water Cooperative to allow us to build a play area for our neighborhood's children on the land next to the pumphouse across the street from the beach; both the year round residents and our tourists who also add to our community and allow home owners to keep their vacation homes, beseech.

Not only will a play area enrich the lives of our young children, it will also allow those that pay mortgages and utilities in our area to save the money that would be spent on driving to a park. In these difficult times of recession, every dollar saved by the home owner or vacationer can stregnthen our local economy and increase the financial stability of our homeowners.

A park will also stregthen our community by bringing families together as their children play with one another. When the people in a community get to know each other, the benefits are endless. The sense of community will draw on our neighbors to look out for each other, to pay attention to strangers and decrease crime. This will ripple into making our area a better place to live and strengthen our real estate investments.

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