The Australian people

Currently, there is a lot of angst among military and ex-military circles regarding the upcoming court case of several soldiers and their actions in Afghanistan.

They have been charged with several offences regarding a raid on a village in Afghanistan.

I believe the calls for the charges to be dropped, personal attacks on military law personnel and the procedures being followed should be stopped.

It is un-Australian to not allow the soldiers a fair-go, a chance for a fair hearing and also the knowledge for all Australians and the countries in which our soldiers operate that our soldiers adhere and obey strict orders for the treatment of civilians and the rules for when they can and cannot open fire.

Please sign this petition and ask the Australian people to allow the process of military justice to take its course and allow a fair trial for the soldiers involved.

Ask all involved and all who comment to not make pre-judgements, not to judge those in authority who have made these decisions and to not be un-Australian in their attitude and demeanour towards the case that is unfolding.

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