University of Brighton Board of Governors
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As paying students of the University of Brighton we expect a certain level of openess and honesty. We feel that we have not been afforded this most basic of rights.
Though we are all now aware of the unfortunate closing of the Hastings campus, including the sudden sale of our Lacuna building days before the 2017/18 study year, we were all told that we would still be able to fully access the facilities and equipment needed for our study. As was the case for previous students.
Now, since the beggining of the new 2017/18 study year, we have since discovered that the previous promise of full access has not been upheld.

So far this acedemic year we have lost:
- An Entire Building
-Equipment from the kit room; Numerous lighting, cameras, sound recorders etc
-Staff (forced redundencies)
-Full time access to the library (the library opening times are drastically cut)
-Access to Media Suites (again the opening hours have been cut)
-Lesson and Lecture time due to union strikes (possibly more to come)

...and possibly more that we, as paying students, have yet to discover.

To our understanding this infraction upon our student experience is due to financial issues. Though we understand this to be the case, we do not accept it as a reason for our academic career to be hindered without consent.

For this reason we feel that we should be entitled to a number of resolutions.

Resolution 1:
Any and all equipment, regardless of the frequency of use, that has been removed from the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton will be returned and made available for the remaining students, regardles of their small number. Any reduced hours in regards to student facilities, including but not limited to, library times and building opening hours shall be ammended to match those of the previous academic years. In basic terms, return everything that was taken.

Resolution 2
A partial refund of at least 40% in any money made payable to the University of Brighton on the Hastings campus students behalf, starting from the 2017/18 academic year until the completion of thier course. This is including, but not limited to, tuition fees.
Any student that feels unconfident in the ability of the University of Brighton to deliver what the student believes to be a full academic experience, i.e; limited resources, limited access etc, will be allowed to resign from their course and any agreement with the University of Brighton and it's partnerships, with a full refund of their tuition fees thus far. In resigning, the student shall not be left to suffer any hindrence in applying to any other full/part time education. This includes finacially, in that the Student Finance Services will be refunded fully.

Resolution 3
All students currently studying at the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton are to be refunded, in full, their 2017/18 fees that were made payable to the University of Brighton.

We, the students of the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton, feel these resolutions to be fair and true.

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Brighton to recognise this petition and come to an agreement by establishing an open and recorded narrative with the students of the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton, to choose and act upon one of the resolutions brought forward in this petition.

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