#Children's Rights
Mineral Wells Independent School District
United States of America

My child was given 3 day suspention and then we went to a hearing and he was given 20 days DAEC for hitting another student, who for the entire school year, has been inciting and engaging in bullying, intimidation by name calling, using derogatory statements that finally disrupted the school program to incite violence as the only means to defend himself (the school has done nothing to the other boys, other than telling one boy to go tell the other two to knock it off).

This is not acceptable and needs to be handled in an appropriate fair manner for all concerned. We consider this discrimination and would like a fair hearing with School board, Principal, councelors and students teachers, to come to a fair ruling to all the students involved and put an end to this type of behavior, which these 3 boys have been getting away with for years,.

Please sign this petiton so we can have a fair hearing in regards to the Robert Rubio
incident the week of February 7th, 2005.

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