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my name is dylan and i have been "traumatically brain-injured" since 1990. i feel i am being discriminated against because youtube has cancelled my account. i am also gay and i feel that this has something to do with youtube's intolerance of me.

i have been getting messages from youtube saying that different videos were deemed "inappropriate" and had been taken from my account. just now, my account was canceled - the last "inappropriate" message that i got from youtube was about a video featuring the words "i hit a prius...and rear-ended the driver...www.legalizerape.org".

all of my newer videos on youtube feature the nasal laugh of nanny fine (from the show "the nanny") and some text (with web addresses at the bottom, i have a bunch of web addresses that i use). the older videos (2005-2006) are videos of me lip-synching or singing, which i know are fine because of the plethora of videos on youtube of normal people lip-synching or singing along with popular songs.

i feel that my homosexual lifestyle is being targeted, since a lot of my newer videos feature text which brings forth questions that my homosexual life has posed to me regarding the necessity of and the righteousness of and the gender-dysfunction related to homosexuality...i even question the reality of the "a woman can do anything a man can do" mantra. i feel i am being discriminated against because people are offended when their prides are shattered by my questioning homosexuality and feminism.

my offensive videos of text (and a nasal laugh) are still available online, in case you'd want to review them and determine whether or not youtube is being discriminatory. they are accessible from any of my sites - www.jaggedlittledyl.com being the main site - just by clicking the logo of "the nanny" at the bottom of the screen.

i am most annoyed that my lip-synch videos cannot be seen, being that youtube teemed with videos of everyday people lip-synching with popular music and youtube seems to be the only place that allows that kind of thing.

i would like to sue youtube for deleting my account. please respond with some guidance on who to contact.

thank you
dylan terreri, i

I am standing for gay rights everywhere.

Stop Youtube From Gay Discrimination.

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