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Youtube, the website where anyone can post videos. Whether it be a music video or a web series. But all that changed when Youtube and Google teamed up. Now Google has some control over Youtube, that's not bad it made the ad renevue partner-ship thing. But Google brought in Warner Group Music, other wise known as WGM, and that's when everything went wrong.

Now WGM is deleting videos that contains music, some that belongs to their clients, alot that does not even remotely belong to one of their clients. Sometimes they delete the audio, not the video, but that's the same as deleting the video. This has to stop now before Youtube becomes a place where you can post videos, but with no music because WGM is a deleting machine.

This has to be signed by a lot of people. Your voice need to be heard sign this petition and we will be one step closer to have Youtube breaking its ties with WGM.

We, the undersigned, call on Youtube to break it ties with Warner Group Music once and for all.

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