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his petition is adressed to the executive department within Twitter, Inc
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This petition is directed to the executive level of Twitter, Inc. It's purpose is to ask for improvements to policies which combat, and address acts of hatred and harassment in Twitter.

Twitter is asked to develop a program for the immediate, or eventual blockage of ISP's among repeated offenders who repeatedly use their pages to abuse others. Many people, celebrities or not, are victim to this type of behavior. The specific activity which prompted this petition however, was observance of twitter abuse directed at Megan Ohry, and Colin O'Donoghue.

It began with a “hater” who under two different user names, “spammed” Colin with material that was not only harrassment, but was offensive. Much of the content was inappropriate for younger twitter users, and this was hurtful I’m sure to not only Colin, but to his fans as well. I’m happy to say that after the two pages this user spammed from have finally been taken down, however at the time this petition is being created, the hater already has a new page.

What I am not happy about, is that the hater was allowed to have his/her fun to the expense of everyone else for a good long while before twitter acted on it. Twitter is in my opinion, too slow, and too lenient on abuse. Regardless of what ship you may represent, one thing stands true, and that is that this impacts all of us. It’s not just Once Upon A Time actors and actresses (and their fans) who have been abused this way. Yes, freedom of speech is important, but even that has it’s limits.

Debate and disagreements are one thing. That’s discussion, not abuse. Abuse begins when a twitter user utilizes his/her account for a purpose to do harm by verbal abuse with threats, ridicule, harassment, insults, and offensive material.

To those in receipt of my signature information, please let it be known that I signed in agreement to a mass request that Twitter strengthen its anti-bullying and spam policies.

Enough, is enough!

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