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Justin Trudeau promised a modest deficit when he was trying to get your vote. Now that he is in office not only is he not delivering on many of his campaign promises to help Canadians he also tripled his projected deficit. This is called lying to get your vote and then doing whatever suits his agenda while in office. This is not what Canadians voted for. His reckless spending includes 10 vacations in his first year alone, 1300 per person meals, a personal nanny for the kids, various donations to foreign countries.. etc. All on your hard earned dime. How many vacations did you take last year? If you had taken ten and only shown up for work half of the time do you think you would still have your job? When was the last time you took the family out for a 1300 per plate meal? Why is our prime minister using our tax money to do these things for himself and to benefit foreign interests but he cannot deliver on campaign promises like 18 month maternity leave and keeping a modest deficit? The projections have blown the roof off of the original spending plan. Put a stop to Trudeau using your tax money as a personal spending account.

Justin Trudeau: stop using the Canadian people's money to take vacations and actually go to work. Stop taking selfies with celebrities and actually serve the people of Canada. Stop using tax money to benefit other countries and make good on your original campaign promises to benefit the Canadian people. Rebudget and restrict spending so that the debt stops skyrocketing as it is now. Fix your mess.

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