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Toowoomba Regional Council

Snoopy & Cheeky (father & son) have been in foster care with Val since she rescued them from being sent to the pound, they have become very attached to Val, her son and her 2 chihuahua's. Val lives on a large block and her dogs are treated like her own children and spend most of their time inside being one of the family.

Val contacted Toowoomba Regional Council about permission to keep Snoopy & Cheeky and her request has been denied, regardless as to the properties suitability for an additional 2 dogs.

Toowoomba Regional Council has special circumstance clauses on this matter and I find it hard to believe Snoopy & Cheeky fail be identified as special circumstances by council.

Please review and approve Val Johnson's application to keep the 2 fostered dogs that have become part of her family.

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The Stop Toowoomba Regional Council taking Snoopy & Cheeky away from their home petition to Toowoomba Regional Council was written by Bill McLean and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.

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