All out there who unfairly bash China

Many people are misinformed about the Chinese culture, and believe that they are taking a stance in activism by attacking it. This petition is to support a strike against the misinformation.

Abolishment of traditional Chinese- The UN is the one who is attempting to abolish traditional Chinese. China accepts the use of it around the country, and almost exclusively in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"Mass execution"- The definition of a mass execution is when many people are executed at one time. The term is incorrectly used. It is true, in the last decade, over 13,000 have been executed in China. The US says it itself, on the American government website travel.state.gov: "China has a low crime rate."

In 2004, there were 16,000 US murders, and in China there were 20,000 murders. China has almost five times the population of china. Meaning that US has 400% China's murders per capita. If people in China were murdered at the same rate, there would be 80,000 murders per year, which equals a net number of lives saved of 60,000 per year. Over 10 years that 600,000 people. By executing 13,000 criminals in a decade, China saved 600,000 innocent lives. Anyone who is against China's death penalty is supporting those 600,000 would-be deaths.

Communism - Any person with a dash of common sense who's been to China knows that it isn't actively Communist. Ask any resident of China, and they'll reply the government has basically zero control over their lives. A few of the big things are:

The only gun licenses granted in China are for 1. Security companies and 2. Hunting zones, where you rent their gun
Land has to be leased from the government from long periods of time, you can't actually own the land. The upside is that the government can't stop selling you the land. If you have a lease for land, they HAVE TO let you purchase a new lease. The leases are also extremely inexpensive.

Falun Gong Organ Extraction- There's no evidence for this or against it. I'm not saying that it didn't happen, I'm just not going to simply concede that it did happen.

Dog killings - 90% of the dog fur sold in the US is from the US. And don't even start about it until the horse slaughterhouses in the US are shut down.

China News=Propaganda - The most recent news articles in China were The Lotus Awards (China's version of the Academy Awards), the newly built railroad to Tibet, and the UN's new research findings on world pollution.

Taiwanese Independence - Taiwan can hardly be called corrupt free. In 2004, 300,000 Taiwanese residents protested the corrupt election. Leader Chen-shuibian was shot, and many people believed it was done as a way to find sympathy and for him to win the reelection.

Corruption scandals dominate Taiwan's election

20% of Taiwanese believe they are independent.
20% of Taiwanese believe they are the true China, and should control themselves including mainland China. We don't give the US control of the UK, and the Taiwanese shouldn't get it either.
40% of Taiwanese believe they are part of mainland China.
20% don't care.

So next time you decide to bash China, ask someone who's been to China before.

We, the undersigned, call on all those who have never experienced the beauty and culture of China to investigate from a first-person perspective what it truly is that they are criticizing.

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