#Human Rights

This petition is stop the scandal with the hiring of Mr. Benny Pinaula to the company "Loco Boutique" as an Area Manager. This petition clarifies the reason for him to be hired in the first place, and all the hurt he has caused to his previous employers and staff. This man is guilty of practicing sexual harassment to his employees. He has gotten away with too much, and is expected to get away with it again. He is a fake and a huge pervert, and she be kept away from all females and parents should keep them away from their daughters. He only got hired because of a recommendation from another sexist pig that is very powerful on the island of Guam. But he who did recommend him has run away to Japan, to hide from the mess he caused. Please support this petition to stop the Scandal and support equality and fairness for all the minorities who suffered the abuse under the supervision of Benny!!!

To stop the support of Sexual Harrassement and Discrimination given by power management!!

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