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South Africa has the highest rape statistics in the world. Every 10 minutes a women in South Africa is violated, physically and emotionally for the rest of her life.

Catching the perpetrator after the fact, is not the answer as that woman's life has been irrevocably changed for the worse by that stage. What is the South Africa Government doing to proactively reduce these statistics and restore dignity to the women of South Africa?

Please sign this petition if you feel strongly about this issue so that we may take this forward to the various structures in South Africa demanding proactive solutions.

We, the Citizens & Friends of South Africa demand a pro-active, transparent strategy to halt the rape and violation of women & children in South Africa.

This should comprise, inter-alia, of:

1. The reintroduction of specialised sexual offences units nationwide under the direct authority of the National Prosecutions Authority. These units will be staffed with police officers, who will earn at least 20 percent more than officers in other units. The intention is that this should be an elite unit, and in addition, it needs to recognize the extraordinary stresses these officers face.

2. Such sexual offences units will work with rape units in hospitals in the public and private sector, and will have specially trained psychologists, and medical personnel on call to assist these officers, rape survivors, and the immediate kin of rape survivors.

3. A special budget will be formed to combat rape and to fund these units and their work. It should be funded by a one percent tax on the profits of the 500 largest companies in South Africa. The allocation of funds from taxes to these units will be managed by a committee staffed with members of the treasury and nominees from those 500 companies in equal measure.

4. There shall be no bail for those who rape children, for those accused of incest, or where weapons have been used in the perpetration of the crime.

5. The addition of awareness training on these and related issues to school syllabi in SA, with the emphasis on educating boys.

6. Provinces/The State to pay running costs (rent, salaries, electricity, water) of NGOs that work with sexual violence survivors.

7. In the absence of the death sentence, life sentences without parole for all convicted rapists.

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