South Bay
United States of America

The Superior Courts of California is considering the permanent closure of the Redondo Beach Courthouse and is currently asking for public comment on the matter.

We are against the closure of the Redondo Beach Courthouse at the Redondo Beach Pier. The Pier courthouse manages a caseload which, if this happens, will have to be folded into the Torrance courthouse, which is already overwrought with an unmanageable case load.

Court dates now take four months or more to be scheduled. This is creating delays and expenses to clients and the courts. This is very harmful to the public, because justice delayed is justice denied. The Pier Courthouse hears a lot of the more lengthy trial cases freeing up the Judges in the Torrance courthouse to do what needs to be done, and even still, with all the constraints, the Torrance court appears to be unable to efficiently deal with what is presented. Closing the Pier courthouse would make this situation much worse.

Therefore we ask you to consider this carefully with the committee and the stop the closure of the Redondo Beach Courthouse.

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