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We are starting this petition to stop the bullying and to hold schools accountable for neglecting to deal with the problem because the no tolerance policy isn't being upheld in my daughter Adysons school and many others across the nation!

My 11 year old daughter Adyson, who is in 6th grade at Rucker-Stewart Middle School has been being bullied since the beginning of the year. She has been pushed down, been called names, embarassed in front of classmates and has become emotionally distressed from this going on all year. She also was sexually harassed and assaulted by a boy this year who was never charged with anything.

My wife and I have made several complaints to the school and my daughter has made several attempts to talk to the school counselor. All we have been told is they would take care of it. We have never been informed of any reprimanding of the kids bullying my daughter. Since there was no resolution, my daughter made a terrible decision but she did it out of fear and to protect herself.

Monday April 29th, 2019 Adyson was so scared she felt she needed to bring a knife to school from the threats made to her the week prior by two girls. She took the bus like any other day but before her 1st period class she decided to leave school with a friend who also has been being bullied, because they didnt want to deal with it anymore and they decided they didnt want to hurt anyone if altercations were to happen.

Not soon after leaving the school, which how did that even happen?? Shes in 6th grade!! Adyson and her friend were picked up by police on highway 109. They were then brought to her friends parents home where interrogations happened without my wife and I present as well as an illegal search through Adysons bag which is when the knifes were located. My daughter was then brought to the ER for being suicidal because they found scratches(didn't break the skin) on her arm that she put there with one of the knifes.

During this time we were being told she was being brought home by another officer. We have no idea what was spoken of and miranda rights were never given.

When we arrived at the hospital they would not let us take our daughter home and we had to wait to speak to youth services which took 6 hrs for them to arrive. She told us, as well as the doctors, she did not want to kill herself but was feeling bad about bringing the knifes to school so she scratched herself.

We are looking for help. My daughter is the sweetest person in the world and for her to feel she needs to protect herself with a weapon that terrifies me and now they are making my daughter out to be the bad person. They have suspended her for 10 days and we have to meet with the school board next Wednesday at 9:30. They are charging her with possession of a weapon, other type of threat, and violation of school rules. She also has to go to court for truancy.

Nothing is being done about the kids who are bullying my kid! This all could have been prevented if the school took the proper actions and my daughter wouldn't be in the state she is in. She is now more emotional distressed than ever before. This is why bad things happen to kids who are bullied. It gets so bad they eventually want to hurt someone or themselves.

Unfortunately my wife and I have filed for bankruptcy and can't afford the proper representation for my daughter. Anything you can do to help Support her would be a blessing and we would be so grateful. We are hoping to have an advocate(s) to be on our side and to possibly attend this board meeting with his since we cant obtain lawyer due to our financial hardship.

Please help and Sign Our Petition!!

We call on the Mayor of Gallatin, the Governor of Tennessee and the President of the United States to put a stop to bullying and to hold schools accountable for neglecting to protect our children in the time of need. Too many kids have committed suicide and harmed others due to bullying and it's on the rise at an alarming rate. Protect this country's future and protect or kids!

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