#Animal Rights
The Government of British Columbia

Wolves are being indiscriminately killed in British Columbia, and under the pretext of "Wildlife Management"!

So-called "conservationists" are killing wolves, even machine-gunning entire packs from helicopters, based on the claim that they are reducing caribou herds; however, loss of habitat is a far more probable cause. Natural ecosystems are self regulating and wolves play a vital role in them.

There is also an increase in the slaughter of wolves to protect livestock on private and public land with insufficient attention to alternative measures such as improved farming practices and animal husbandry.

Wolves are killed for sport and their body parts used as trophies; this is an abhorrent activity and wasteful use of wildlife.

Wolves deserve wilderness habitat in which to live a natural pack life, unmolested.

Humans are the greatest threat to healthy wolf populations, and it's our responsibility to be a voice for these wild animals and the wilderness in which they live.

The Petition- The Government of British Columbia.

Stop the indiscriminate killing of wolves in British Columbia!

Sincerely, the undersigned petitioners.

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