The BBI proposes a raft of measures that,if implemented can help steer this country in a better direction;but so does the current Constitution.
There is nothing in the BBI that can't be solved by strengthening the requisite institutions already entrenched in the constitution and anchoring them in integrity.
We risk plunging the country into a cycle of mediocrity where, rather than focusing on strengthening structural weaknesses in our institutions that lead to inefficiency of Government in administration and service delivery,we blame the Constitution and call for its change.
Let us not make our constitution our perpetual scapegoat.

We, the undersigned,an Independent Coalition of Citizens,call on the President to do the following;
a) To call of the referendum push and instead channel the energy,time and resources to fulfilling his manifesto to Kenyans,and revive the economy in light of the corona pandemic,
b) To initiate measures that will ensure confidence,credibility and integrity in Government Institutions, devoid of vested interests,as he is at the end of his final term in office.
c)To spearhead the implementation of the Constitution,to the possible extent for the remainder of his term.

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