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If you're concerned about S. 2053, "The Frist Bill," then I urge you to sign this petition now before it's too late!

The "Frist Bill" would:

*Require that every thimerosal-injury lawsuit currently pending anywhere in America be immediately dismissed

*Force thimerosal injury claims into a bureaucratic administrative program in Washington, DC that is not designed to handle these claims.

*Prohibit any judge from ordering the drug companies to provide the money for desperately needed research and medical monitoring of children exposed to thimerosal.

*Forever deprive any child over the age of 8 of any legal remedy whatosoever, either in the courts or in the federal administrative program.

*Prohibit class action lawsuits related to thimerosal injuries and thimerosal exposure.

Senator, I believe that every citizen of this country has the right to a fair pursuit of justice when wronged.

The drug companies are attempting to move Frist Bill SB2053 forward
quickly. It is set for a hearing in front of Sen Kennedy's Health

I am asking you to refuse SB2053 (the "Frist Bill"). It is
anti-child, pro-corporation and anti-justice.

The Frist Bill addresses thimerosal and is specifically putting
corporate welfare before that of our children. Thimerosal is a
mercury-based preservative that may have damaged thousands of
children. These children and their families have the right to
pursue this issue in court. The Frist Bill blocks that right
unilaterally and in perpetuity in all venues.

I ask you, Senator, as a protector of our nation to choose our
children over the corporations in this matter and stop the Frist
Bill from going forward.

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