the Japanese government

Many people lost their lives after being exposed to massive radiation from the explosion of Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Many people took their own lives after losing hope of living on their land because it was too contaminated by radiation.

Many people are still suffering from deteriorating health caused by radiation still being dispersed from the plants.

Many people have great concerns about the future of their precious children.

But in front of the large number of protestant, the Japanese government hastily decided to restart the nuclear power plant despite failing to fix the broken nuclear safety system that led to the original meltdown.

The government hasn't explained about the cause of the disaster and hasn't made an apology to the public.

We strongly urge the Japanese government as follows:

1. Instantly stop restarting and continuing the usage of nuclear power in Japan.

2. Fundamental human right such as life and wellbeing of human is placed higher than the convenience of economy. Living free from contamination of water and air is a basic and universal human right.

3. Reduce waste by excessive power consumption and make a shift from nuclear energy to renewable energy.

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