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A MONTH-OLD baby boy was fighting for life last night after being raped and battered. He suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by his multiple horrific injuries.

In one of Britain's worst ever child abuse cases, every rib was fractured and the boy also suffered a broken arm, broken collar bone, punctured lungs and severe bruising.

There was also a sexual injury and internal wounds suggesting rape. A 46-year-old man was under arrest last night on suspicion of rape and grievous bodily harm. A woman was also in custody.

The child was taken to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, on Thursday. He had a heart attack there and was transferred to King's College Hospital in South London, where he was on a life support machine last night.

A source said: "These are the worst injuries the doctors and police have seen in someone so young. How the baby is alive is a miracle. He is still in a very serious condition and it's touch and go whether he survives."

The suspects are being held at North Kent police station. A police spokeswoman said: "A baby was admitted to hospital on Thursday. Its condition is critical but stable. "Police are currently investigating. A man and woman have been arrested."

Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3976244/One-month-old-baby-raped-and-battered.html#ixzz1fVo7LDyl

I as a member of the public want these people brought to justice in front of the nation and not through protection!

I personally am fed up with all abusers being able to hide behind GOVERNMENT PROTECTION! Who was protecting this poor poor baby?

This is not just about this baby but all the poor children's lives which their subject to mental physical abuse when they are supposed to be protected! Me as a mother i am NOT allowed to smack my child if he's needing disciplined but everyday these beasts get very little in way of punishment!

I think child abuse/neglect should carry a mandatory 10 years sentence without early parol and NO PROTECTION when and if they are released!

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