#Animal Welfare
Pets Unlimited

Whereas Pets Unlimited is a corporation that sells animals as pets and as food; and

Whereas these animals are often visibly left with no water and/or food in cramped and unsanitary conditions; and

Whereas many animals sold by Pets Unlimited are sickly, infected with lice, mites and fleas, or have other illnesses and infections; and

Whereas customers visit a Pets Unlimited store expecting staff to be knowledgeable about animal habits, care, etc., and to provide accurate information about the animals sold by Pets Unlimited; therefore

We, the undersigned, hereby affirm

That Pets Unlimited immediately begin to rectify the living conditions of animals kept at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited ensures all animals sold (either as pets or as food) be provided all the proper care, food, water, shelter, etc; and

That Pets Unlimited staff be provided the appropriate training and information regarding care of animals for sale at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited takes the appropriate steps to ensure animals sold to customers will be put into safe, caring, compatible environments (e.g. selling similar demeanour fish or dogs); and

That Pets Unlimited sells animals only from reputable, registered breeders or that Pets Unlimited work with shelters and rescue groups to find rescued animals safe, caring homes; and

That if Pets Unlimited cannot provide for the proper, humane living conditions for animals housed in its stores that Pets Unlimited ceases the sale of animals until such a time that Pets Unlimited can provide humane living conditions for animals.

I want to start a petition to get Pets Unlimited to stop the sale of animals. They are selling animals that are unhealthy and in horrible living conditions. This has to stop. Their employees lack the basic training for caring for animals as well often know nothing about the animals they are selling.

I suggest they either stop the sale of animals all together or they only have rescue animals in the store from local shelters. This would help out shelter animals greatly and we would see and here many more happy stories instead of sad ones.

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