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OK, when you lose a loved one in a war you don't say good bye or anything you just wake up one day and they are gone. It is devastating to you and it can leave you into a long depression.

If you haven't lost anyone to the war in Iraq or any war for that matter you most likely won't understand the pain and torment it causes. It is even worse when you attend their funeral with a broken heart and see people with signs that say stuff like "they had it coming" and "They shouldn't get such a honorable funeral". Don't get me wrong ive always been against this war from the beginning and protesting against the war is OK with me, i protest when ever I'm in america. I just wish people would stop waving these offencive signs at a funeral and anyone who could say they had it coming or deserved it should just keep that opinoin to them selves.

Please sign this petition for the honer of war heroes.

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