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Newport City Council and South Wales Police
United Kingdom

Do you pay for resident parking permits in Maindee?

If so do you know that there is no wardens in Maindee to enforce other people not to park in the street for more than two hours and that the Police can not give out tickets to people because they haven't got any! The council also knew that there has been problems in Maindee in the last two years so why have we the residents have to pay for the permits still?

So this may not just be in Maindee but the whole of Newport might have a problem. If you do then please still sign this petition.

If Newport City Council get £10 for 100 houses the council gets £100,000, and I wonder what that gets spent on if the residents don't get what they bargain for. Also when I have spoken about the problem to the council reference no spaces etc all I get is that it is not a council problem speak to the Police but unfortunately they can't issue ticket at this present time due to they haven't got any which I don't believe.

I would like to find out some answers of the Council and South Wales Police so I will be asking for your support then I will hand in this petition to the Council and the Police. I will also be updating you as I will be speaking the the local MP Jessica Morden.

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