Ontario works is supposed to help women get back on their feet. It isn't! women are going on this welfare system and never getting off. They see it as free money. They keep having more kids and acting like they don't know who the daddy is. They are taking up spots in the day care system and still not working.

We should have something in the system to stop this. There should be a limited time frame for the people to be on it. Not a forever program. I believe one year is more than enough time. If you have more kids while you are on welfare you get cut off. We can not keep paying for people to sit at home and take advantage of this system. Most have males living with them.

Ontario works doesn't do home visits anymore to insure that the people are not lying. Large groups are using their money for drugs and alcohol not spending it on the children and housing. if a person on the welfare system can afford monthly car payments and insurance something is wrong. As a tax payer I am getting upset that we allow this to continue.

We want Ontario Works (Canadian Government) to have stricter rules and policies regarding the time frame women can be on the welfare system.

The system is to help get women back on their feet not to support them for ever.

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