#Children's Rights
Ohio Learning Legislation
United States of America

Early Learning Initiative (or E.L.I.) is a learning program for children under the age for kingergarten admission. It provides manifold benefits.

First, it can act as a day care partial or full day schedule for working parents.

Second, it does this while fostering a child's growing mind, thereby preparing them for the rigors of a more active academic curriculum.

Third, it helps the children learn the intricacies of social interaction in a controlled, nurturing setting.

Finally, it allows for the early identification of various learning disorders in children by trained professionals.

The Governor of the State of Ohio, Ted Strickland, wants to eliminate funding for this program.

We, the undersigned, agree that the benefits of the program surpass monetary worth, and strongly encourage Governor Strickland to look elsewhere for budget-balancing measures.

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