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In consideration of the fact that Nestle Waters is a predatory company with no care for the well being of the areas it drains water from, it is distressing that the City of Waitsburg has actively solicited this company to come to our region.

Our valley is the main source of revenue for farmers and their livelihoods depend on a sustainable water supply. Draining the aquifer of what the City proposes is a negligible amount does not take into account the fact that water is a limited resource and once it's gone, it is gone.

Also of note is that Nestle Waters does not share their data of what amounts are actually being removed from the source. There is no way of knowing how much they actually will withdraw once they are established.

Nestle Waters has a sordid history of dishonest business practices and the community members who have signed this petition do not have confidence in the good will of the company.

Any simple research of the practices of company show a long history of abuse and of other regions fighting the company from coming in and destroying their environment and habitat.

This will impact not only Waitsburg, but the entire Walla Walla Valley. Walla Walla means Land of Many Waters. We have an active watershed ecology program here and we mean to protect our valley and the sinuosity of our waters. It belongs to all of us. The City doesn't have the authority to decide something that impacts the entire region.

Those who sign this petition will work tirelessly to stop any action the City takes to proceed with the process of approval of the Nestle Water plant from coming into our region.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Waitsburg to end its exploration of support for a Nestle Waters North America water extraction and bottling plant.

We also intend to notify the company directly of the lack of support within the City of Waitsburg, and the entire Walla Walla Valley, for the continuation of this project.

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