Mount Kenya region.

Since independence we have seen a majority of political leaders, and some of their counterparts in business circles, use the population and close knit nature of the People of Mt. Kenya to attain their own selfish interests.
This has resulted in violence in the region and other natives who live in other parts of the country especially around election time e.g. 1997 and 2007 that led to the loss of lots of lives.
We are now seeing the same scenario playing now with the revenue division bill where the politicians are using the people to rally them behind their courses that are not necessarily good for the citizenry or the rest of the country.
It shouldn't be lost on the people that it's in their own interest that the rest of the country is actually developed to stop the periodic violence we experience. It will reduce the ever increase strain on our resources in the region die to an influx of others seeking opportunities.
Let us work together to unite this country. Let us work together to make us all better.

We, the undersigned residents of Mt. Kenya call upon our leaders to stop receiving the 42 V 1. We ask them to instead do what's necessary to bring us together and negotiate in a manner that brings harmony and peace between us.

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The Stop Mt Kenya Leaders from pitting citizens against other Kenyans. petition to Mount Kenya region. was written by Lord Cayon and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.