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I'm a doctor from Iraqi Kurdistan, raising my voice highly to condemn what is happening in Kurdistan of Turkey.

The situation consists of fierce attacks by the armed forces of Turkey on the villages and the cities of Kurdistan.

I call upon the owners of power and affairs in Turkey as well as the world to intervene and stop the operations of curfew, shelling and siege in the villages and cities of Kurdistan.

The killing of innocent men, women and children alongside the destruction of dwellings and homes characterizes everyday life. Prohibiting food and water, electricity and the means of treatment to the needing people in these areas is inhumane.

These military operations will not benefit anything, but further anger the people and drive them to revenge that will lead to increased and expanded violence. Peaceful dialogue is the only way to solve these problems in order to calm down the situation.

The concerned authorities must investigate complaints of the people and work to compensate those affected by these military operations.

Dr. Abdulbaghi Abdulrahman Ahmad
6 January 2016
e-mail: abdulbaghi.ahmad@neuro.uu.se

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to interfere in order to stop the Turkish military attacks on the Kurdistan region, and to compensate people for the damages.

Dr. Abdulbaghi Abdulrahman Ahmad
6 January 2016
e-mail: abdulbaghi.ahmad@neuro.uu.se

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