#Children's Rights
Escambia School Board
United States of America

These orange vests that the school is making us wear are a safety hazard and a health hazard,

1) Everyone knows what you're doing and that's singling a person out making someone feel uncomfortable just because they have to use the bathroom.

2) It can have different germs and bacteria even though it's mesh,and everyone goes to the bathroom in them.

3) Yes we have skippers but honestly if you're gonna skip a whole period or day you're either gonna leave campus or go somewhere where you won't get caught if we legit had an intruder with a gun the neon orange vest is a target.

We the students/community of pine forest high school want to stop the wear of mesh vests. It is a health violation by having every student who may need to use the restroom wear these vests. These vests could carry lice, the flu virus, and many other germs and bacteria that get children sick. Remember children's immune systems are still developing.

These vests also are a safety violation because if a student happens to be walking around campus with these vest on they would be targets for an intruder because of there bright orange color. These vests single individuals out and makes students feel ashamed/uncomfortable just because they have to travel around campus. We want to come up with a more successful way to get a pass than to wear these orange vests that cause so much trouble.

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