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Local Government

There are alot of drivers who decide that Medic Street is a good place to speed down, do fish tails, and act like idiots in their cars. I do believe this is because the street is wider than most in town.

I find this most desturbing. All three houses within this section of the street contain children (10 in total). There is also a skate park in the street which local children often attend. Also, the bowling club (also located within the street) cater for the elderly population who enjoy this sport.

There has already been a few minor accidents within this section of the street, where someone has been going silly in their car, and has plowed into a fence, or a table. It is only a matter of time, before someone plows into a child, or an elderly patron of the bowling club.

I suggest that speed humps be placed down this section of the road, to slow these cars down, and protect the safety of the children and the elderly patrons who regular this area of Medic Street.

We, the undersigned, oppose speeding in Medic Street. We propose speed humps, specially placed, to slow cars down and protect the safety of the children and the elderly patrons of Medic Street.

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