#Neighborhood Living
Greene County Tennessee
United States of America

Loud Noise and nuisance noise from ATV, Motorcycles,Car Stereos, House Stereo systems. ATV and Motorcycle riding with loud exhaust systems Waking up neighbors and their children all hours of the night. Riding Small Children with no Helmets and riding on the county roads, Endangering the riders of the ATV and Cycles also the riders in the cars.

We the residents of Sunny side Road and Neighboring Roads Involved with this nuisance would like a Limit on when and where these types of vehicles can be ridden.

We would like the Noise from these Vehicles to stop at 8 pm during the week and at 9 pm on the weekends
We would also like for the ATV and Motorcycles not be driven on the county roads and any loud music to stop at 8 pm every night of the week.

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