Council and schools

Stop Islamic influences in Australian Schools.

Our children should be able to sing OUR anthem at our schools. They should be able to say Merry Christmas at our schools.

Stop Islamic teachings to our children.

We, the undersigned, call on the QLD education system and Australian schools to eliminate Islamic influences in Australian Schools.

Children who attend Kuraby State School on QLD have been advised that they can not sing the Australian anthem or say merry Christmas at the school as it offends the Muslim population of the school.

Islamic children who have abused other children physically and mentally to be punished the same as Australian children. Instead of saying it's the custom to pinch cheeks, hit, spit and degrade other children.

That they are not to wear their traditional Muslim dress whilst attending Australian schools.

That the Australian flag can be flown high and proud.

These are Australian schools for Australian children. Why should the minority of the Islamic community demand we change for them.

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