#Civil Rights

For too long have social services had too much power over people's lives and there children's lives and it needs too stop. I have seen it too many times social services make a mistake and all they do too cover there mistake is make more mistakes or hurt innocent people too gain what they want. I want too start this petition for all those parents who feel like myself those who have lost hope or feel there in a web forever trapped by this organisation. Things need too change not only for adults but for the lives social will ruin in years too come.

I'm asking for anyone too sign this petition, those who's lives have been effected by social and those who's lives haven't. Times need too change on the power and control social have over civilization, from secret family courts, to falseifyed records, the lives they have ruined and they hold no blame too. I personally have had a ruined childhood because of social and now I'm having a ruined adulthood months have I been waiting for replies or call backs which never happen. Records that have been made up and a simple we'll put a note by the side too say it's wrong things need too change. So please sign this petition and give parents who have no voice a voice again.

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