#Neighborhood Living
Greenwich Council
United Kingdom

Motor vehicles are being illegally traded from Plumstead Common Road, the vehicles can sometimes be a handful and at other times go well above double figures.

I have photographic evidence of money changing hands, these activities can go on into the night they have been happening according to older residents in the area for in excess of ten years.

The problems this creates for all council tax paying residents are 1. lack of parking 2. a general eyesore 3. loud music from some of the vehicles whilst being shown to prospective clients 4.reving of engines loudly at various times of the day/night 5. car alarms going off and the owner of the vehicle not being resident in the area therefore unable to turn off 6. it's breaking the law.

We, the undersigned, request the Greenwich Council to take action to put a permanent stop to the illegal parking /trading of motor vehicles from Plumstead Common.

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