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Palm oil is in 1 in 10 productson British shelves. It is grown in tropical countries in South East Asia, Africa and South America. Large tracts of rainforest are cut down to provide plantations to grow palm oil.

It is used since it is cheap to produce but it is very environmentally damaging to rainforest species of plants and animals including big cats and primates. It is often labelled in a deceptive way when in products using scientific names and euphemisms.

Ikea, which claims to have an environmental and sustainability promise use palm oil in their candles. This extremely environmentally destructive behaviour is disappointing in a company that puts itself forward as being ethical in every way.

MASC is a charity set up to educate children and adults in the West about what effects their choices in shopping have on environments far removed and easily forgotten from themselves.

Mikael Ohlsson (CEO), we feel that the use of palm oil in your candles is directly against the stated environmental and sustainability aims of your company.

As you are no doubt aware the production of palm oil kills countless individual animals and plants every day. This loss of biodiversity is irreversible and in some cases is pushing already endangered species to extinction.

We would like you to make the sourcing of this palm oil transparent and either to choose a sustainable option or to cease using a product so truly damaging to the wildlife of the world.

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