#City & Town Planning
Silverlake Residents
United States of America

This proposed Homeless facility is intended to house 40 adults who have
debilitating mental illness.

* This proposed homeless facility is intended to house 40 adults
who have debilitating mental illnesses. Many of them have drug problems
and criminal convictions.

* There are several liquor stores, bars, and nightclubs within two
blocks of this site. This building is on a street corner that already
has criminal activity (gangs, crimes, drug trafficking). This facility
should instead be located in an area where related services are
available, not near drugs and alcohol.

* This site is one block from a park, beneath the historic Music
Box Steps, where children play and where residents can finally enjoy a
patch of green after years of neglect. We do not want people loitering

* Silver Lake already has several other homeless facilities.
Silver Lake including Regency Manor on the corner of Robinson and Descanso
and the new facility on the corner of Hoover and London. We do not need another one.

Why is there another homeless facility being placed in a historically poor neighborhood that is comprised mostly of ethnic minorities?

By sigining this petition we, the Silverlake Community, are opposed to the proposed facility on Vendome.

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