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Enough is enough. Stop hitting our kids. Now.

No less than 20 states allow corporal punishment - using physical force that causes pain or discomfort - against a child with disabilities for purposes of discipline.

The ACLU/HRW report makes clear that students with disabilities are subject to corporal punishment at significantly higher rates than their peers who don't have disabilities. Florida ranks ninth in the nation on this list. Further, all too often, kids with disabilities are being punished for having a disability - for behavior that is a direct manifestation of their diagnosed and documented condition. The report documents instances in which this happens to children with autism and Tourette Syndrome. The report sums it up this way: "Students are being beaten for behavior they simply cannot control, or cannot reasonably be expected to control, a grossly disproportionate and fundamentally demeaning response to the child's condition."

Let's stop the punishment now and make it clear that any use of physical force for purposes of discipline against a child with disabilities (seclusion and restraint is another topic for another day) will be promptly and forcefully dealt with by our schools and elected officials.

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"We, the people, call on the Department of Education to end the use of Corporal Punishment on children within the public education system."

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